The duties of the City Attorney

The duties of the City Attorney

The duties of the City Attorney

One of the duties of the City Attorney is to attend all regular and special Council meetings and all sessions of Mayor’s Court.

On Monday, April 14, 2019, the ACLU released a report identifying critical problems with the Mayoral Court system in Ohio.…/Report_OffTheRecordProfiteeringA…

The most serious problem identified is the use of such courts to generate revenue for the city instead of administration of justice. The actions identified are disproportionately harmful to lower income and minority families. When officials see defendants as a revenue stream, abuses are inevitable.

My administration will continue to work for more transparency and accountability in all areas of the city law enforcement. Gahanna’s Mayor’s Court and City Attorney should serve justice fairly to all people.

Author: Tricia Sprankle

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